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            Open Show - 27th July 2019                                  Judge: Donna Crow

BIS  Bryelis The Ringmaster JW,  RBIS & BPIS Habiba Boy Trouble,

BVIS Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswoood JW ShCM

BB Cheeswood Moonlight Dream,  RBB Stagedoor Sugar Puff



MPD  1. Habiba Boy Trouble (BPD, BPIB, RBIS)

          2. Zerachiel Ti Wei Te


PD     1. Zerachiel Mr Majestic


JD.     1. Be My Dog's Topsail Cody Of Zanjero

           2. Shanshal Prince of Arablia

           3. Scherzando Betelgeuse


GD   1. Zerachiel Mr Majestic

           2. Touch Beauty Fire Power

           3. Shanshal Prince Of Arabia

           4. Scherzando Betelgeuse

           5. Zerachiel Ti Wei Te


PGD   1. Touch Beauty Fire Power


LD      1. Ynchreenoo Boaylo Fahrane At Sarelidan JW

           2. Winterkloud Gingerbread By Tteswood

           3. Goldamulet Amber Tone

           4. Pariansoez Innuendo At Jhanchi

           5. Zerachiel Element Of Truth


OD      1. Bryelis The Ringmaster (BD, BIS)

            2. Cheeswoood Shimmering Moon

            3. Birchvolgyi Indigo Malverne Sh CM (Imp Hun)

            4. Ynchreenoo Condoo

            5. Zerachiel Element Of Truth


VD       1. Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir Via Tteswood (BVIS)

            2. Zerachiel Ready To Rumble ShCM

            3. Zerachiel Element Of Truth

            4. Peter Pan At Sarelidan ShCM


MPB     1. Jean Dark Puffibly Maybe @ Lubadusi (Imp Swe)


PB        1. Cheeswood Moonlight Dream (BB, BOS)

             2. Transyluania Sasima At Konishiki

             3. Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws

             4, Clanest Miss Congeniality


JB         1. Stagedoor Sugar Puff (RBB)

             2. Transyluania Sasima At Konishiki

             3. Shranae Careless Whispers


GB        1. Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws

              2. Shraae Careless Whispers


PG        1. Zeracheil Private Dancer At Tamarllan Sh Cm JW


LB         1. Jhanchi Let Me Entertain You

              2. Zeracheil Exotic Dancer ShCM


OB         1. Bryelis Dancing Queen JW

              2. Tasmin De Sothis Para Pufflepaws

              3. Habiba Chasing Rainbows

              4. Pufflepaws Mr Rumpleteazer JW


VB         Absent




It was an absolute honour to judge my breed at this show and I would like to thank the committee, my talented stewards and all exhibitors for such an enjoyable experience.

The weather was not ideal for Cresteds, with many not appreciating the long wet grass and moving uncharacteristically as a result, and sadly paid the price in their placings on the day.

I was pleased to see the breed showing some strength with a good number of young English bred prospects showing real promise.

Mouths remain a concern for the breed and need attention, both in terms of bites and cleanliness of teeth.  It was also disappointing to see correct hare feet hard to find.  I also found heads were very mixed, with few presenting the refined chiselled elegance typical of the breed and many bitches were far too masculine for me.


MPD (2/0) 1st Payne, Dunlop & Mclellan’s HABIBA BOY TROUBLE – at just 7 months old this mahogany and white boy was my find of the day. This Kennel continues to produce consistent breed type they should be proud of and this young man is no exception. Good head, masculine yet with enough chiselling to remain elegant, with large flared ears and nice almond shaped eyes. He has good reach of neck into super front assembly and is well bodied for his age with sufficient depth of chest and nice tight elbows. Super level topline which he holds well on the move and good tail set. I would prefer a tad less angulation in the rear but nonetheless he moves with style displaying plenty of reach and drive with excellent balance for his age. BPIS, RBIS  2nd Hampson’s ZERACHIEL TI WEI TE  - 7 month old raw baby with sweet expression.  Nice dark eyes and adequate head but muzzle could have more taper and ears need to strengthen. Straight front with good feet and good rear angulation and tailset. Would prefer more length to body but when focussed on the job he moves positively with good reach and drive.

PD (1/0)  1st Hampson’s ZERACHIEL MR MAJESTIC – a very promising powderpuff puppy of 10 months.  Nice elegant well balanced head with super pigment and nice dark eye.  Adequate front which could have more lay to shoulder but good balance to body with rear angulation good into well let down hocks. Moved well with nothing exaggerated and was attentive to his handler.

JD (4/1A) 1st Piper’s BE MY DOG’s TOPSAIL CODY OF ZANJERO JW Well presented 15 month old with lovely head, earset and alert expression and adequate furnishings. Excellent Skin and good length and balance to body.  Nice straight front, but rather upright in forearm and shoulder assembly which made his movement rather stilted. Good topline, held well on the move.  2nd Farquharson’s SHANSHAL PRINCE OF ARABIA powderpuff whose white coat was gleaming throughout, and whilst still a little heavy is clearly at that age to be changing from puppy coat. Good shaped head well balanced throughout and being masculine whilst retaining elegance.  Needs to mature in body but sufficiently angulated fore and aft, but I would like to see home move more positively. 3rd Coulters’ SCHERZANDO BETELGEUSE

GD (6/0) 1st Hampson’s ZERACHIEL MR MAJESTIC (Repeat) 2nd Higgs’ TOUCH BEAUTY FIRE POWER – A promising youngster just not showing his best today and rather nervous of his surroundings. Nice head of good proportions with good chiselling. Balanced angulation front and rear but would prefer more of it, along with more length to his loin. Nice deep brisket and lovely set tail. Moves positively but needs to settle and relax to show himself to his best. 3rd Farquharson’s SHANSHAL PRINCE OF ARABIA

PGD (2/1A) 1st Higgs’ TOUCH BEAUTY FIRE POWER 2nd in Prior Class and was more relaxed here showing much improvement and deserving his place.

LD (9/1A) The strongest class of the day with good dogs going unplaced due to their performance in todays conditions.  1st Oliver’s YNCHREENOO BOAYL FAHRANE AT SARELIDAN JW nice type with ideal bone and body and moderate all through. Ok front but could have more forechest and tighter elbows but today he moved well in the conditions. Superb fine grained skin and ideal furnishings.  Head is well balanced with nicely tapered muzzle and tight lips, but a bit heavy in backskull. Nice level topline into well rounded rump and well set tail. 2nd Dowsetts’ WINTERKLOUD GINGERBREAD BY TTESWOOD Close up to 1 and superbly handled this 2 year old has a lot to like. Just lost out to 1 today as I felt his head was too heavy in muzzle and he was moving a tad wide coming towards me.  Lovely straight front that is very well angulated, which goes the same for his rear.  His balance fore and aft gives him easy free movement with ample reach and drive.  Hee has a nicely rounded rump and holds his topline well, looking a strong contender in profile.  3rd Barker’s GOLDAMULET AMBER TONE

OD (6/1WD) - 1st Moyes’ & Hunter’s BRYELIS THE RINGMASTER JW BIS Moyes’ & Hunter’s Bryelis The Ringmaster JW – Have admired this Mahogany/Cream 4 year old from a youngster and I was not disappointed today. Attractive well balanced head, but with super eye and ears which gave him a lovely expression and retained elegance whilst remaining masculine, however would prefer better mouth and slightly less backskull.   Strong arched neck into well laid back shoulder and super front assembly. Deep brisket with nice tight elbows and well balanced ribbing to loin ratio.  Well muscled rounded rump into moderately angulated rear with well laid down hocks.  Whilst built a little heavy, his overall balance gave him super, easy ground covering movement showing the reach and drive that our breed calls for. Delighted to award him BIS and would be happy to own this dog!  2nd Barker’s CHEESWOOD SIMMERING MOON Superbly presented powderpuff with lovely pristine coat.  Elegant head with nice chiselling and super ears and earset. Well built dog throughout with correct bone and nicely conditioned body.  Nice well let down hocks which gave him good drive from behind, but would like to see a bit more positivity in front, that said he has nice relaxed easy action to his advantage and is a picture in profile.  3rd Ousbey’s BIRCHVOLGYI INDIGO MALVERNE SHCM (IMP HUN)

VD (4/0) 1st Dowsetts’ CH DOONBEG BETE NOIR VIA TTESWOOD JW SHCM CW12  BVIS   9 year old excellently presented powderpuff with correct coat that carries himself with an air of regality and self importance. Nice head with super tapered muzzle, correct stop and clean tight lips, covering excellent and gleaming dentition for his age.  Super arched neck of lovely length, and nice tight elbows, but overall front could be better angulated.  Super topline into nicely rounded rump and sufficient rear angulation leads into super well let down hocks.  In great body for his age and moves with positive drive from behind, just would like more reach and length to stride. A credit to his owner and easy to see why he has his title.   2nd Hampson’s ZERACHIEL READY TO RUMBLE SHCM Another 9 year old that belies his age. BW powderpuff with nice coat and in good body condition being well muscled throughout.  Excellent topline which he holds well on the move and good tailset but just could be a little less proud of his tail. Moved positively with excellent drive from behind coming from nicely well let down hocks, but could have more front reach if better angulated infront. Head needs more refinement but he never takes his eyes off his handler and is attentive at all times, being shown to his best advantage.  3rd Hampson’s  ZERACHIEL ELEMENT OF TRUTH


MPB (1/0)            1st Skelton & Santiorello’s JEAN DARK PUFFLIBLY MAYBE AT LUBADUSI (IMP SWE) lovely baby with lots to like. Superbly presented for a white powderpuff, with correct coat.  Beautiful chiselled head with soft expression, although I would like to see her use her ears more.  Nice length to neck into good front assembly with fore legs set well under her.  Lovely length to body and nicely muscled rump into well angulated rear with lovely well let down hocks. Well schooled and moves well but needs to put more effort in to really shine and reach her potential.

PB (4/0) 1st Hinton’s CHEESWOOD MOONLIGHT DREAM BB, BPB, BOS Eyecatching 10 month old powderpuff who demands attention and with a super coat presented to perfection. She had just the correct amount of bone and body I was looking for in a bitch and has an exquisitely refined head, so clean and elegant throughout and lovely dark almond eyes giving a super expression.  Lovely long arched neck which she carries proud and super topline held well on the move, but I would prefer slightly more length to body.  Fore and aft her angulation is balanced although I would prefer slightly more of it, however she still moves with ease, floating round the ring with an air of ‘look at me’. Has a very bright future I am sure and only lost out to the dog to day due to his outstanding movement.  2nd Lane’s TRANSYLVANIA SASIMA AT KONISHIKI 11 month old slate bitch of nice size, who has lots to like.  Feminine head that is well chiselled, with lovely dark eye giving her a nice expression.  Adequate neck and nice level topline into super tailset. Nice bone but a tad heavy in body right now, but im sure she will refine with age.  Forechest is a little overdone and needs to drop and I would prefer more moderate rear angulation.  On the move she is precise but just needs more confidence to move more positively.  3rd Routledge & McGowan’s YNCHREENOO TWINKLE TOES WITH PUFFLEPAWS

JB (4/1A) 1st Laws & Crummey’s STAGEDOOR SUGAR PUFF RBB up to size 12 month old BW Puff who clearly loves the job at hand.  Coat is clearly at the changing age and is a little harsh but is of good length.  Her head is elegant and clean with correct 1:1 ratio, and super dark eyes giving a melting expression. Arched neck of adequate length into good shoulders and strong topline which she holds well on the move.  Good length to body with nice deep brisket and good spring of rib.  Lovely well angulated rear with super well let down hocks. On the move she gives it her all, eating up the ground with plenty of reach and drive, but I would just like to see her a little smoother which will come with age im sure. 2nd Lane’s TRANSYLVANIA SASIMA AT KONISHIKI (Repeat)  3rd McFarlane’s SHRANAE CARELESS WHISPERS

GB (2/0) 1st Routledge & McGowan’s YNCHREENOO TWINKLE TOES WITH PUFFLEPAWS (3rd in PB) lovely size 9 month old who is nicely balanced if a tad heavy.  Head balanced with good clean muzzle but would like less backskull. Well angulated fore and aft with level topline and good tailset. Moved positively with easy action but just needs to strengthen in the rear.   2nd McFarlane’s SHRANAE CARELESS WHISPERS 17 month old who was rather full of herself today and gave her handler a challenge. Feminine head with good strong ears that are well set. Nicely bodied but needs more depth to brisket and elbows need to tighten.  Well let down hocks which she uses to drive from the rear but front rather erratic today.  

PGB (1/0) 1st McFarlane’s ZERACHIEL PRIVATE DANCER AT TRAMERLLAN JW SHCM Another who was challenging her handler and therefore difficult to assess on the move but stood, whilst up to size, has good length to body and correct tuck up but needs more depth to chest.  Good ears and earset but head a little wide in backskull. Nicely furnished.

LB (7/5A) 1st Knowles’ JHANCHI LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU JW 5 year old bitch who is super for size and bone. Feminine head with dark correct shaped eyes and lovely alert expression. Moderately angulated front and rear, with sufficient length to body, but carrying a bit too much weight which spoiled her outline. Moves positively when focussed on the job and is light footed and elegant.              2nd McFarlane’s ZERACHIEL EXOTIC DANCER SHCM up to size well presented 5 year old bubbling with excitement today. Head is rather masculine and needs refinement but good arched neck leads into ok front with good forechest and depth to brisket. Excellent skin and furnishings.  So excited on the move tended to scuttle but lovely to see her enjoying herself.

OB (5/1WD) 1st Moyes’ & Hunter’s BRYELIS DANCING QUEEN JW 2 year old powderpuff bitch showing real promise and with a super correct veil coat.  Nicely balanced head with lovely expression but would prefer a little more refinement for a bitch. Super neck into well laid shoulders and good front assembly.  Nicely bodied with good rib to loin ratio, but I found her a little long overall. Well muscled rear with excellent well let down hocks.  Moves with lovely long flowing action with plenty of reach and drive.  2nd Routledge’s TASNIM DE SOTHIS PARA PUFFLEPAWS JW 18 month old of super size and much to like, moderate all through with nothing overdone. Head is feminine but would prefer more refinement and more length to muzzle. Nice neck into good front assembly, with well balanced body leading into nicely angulated rear. On the move she has good easy action, just needs to settle and focus on the job and hand but this will come with age. 3rd Wilsons’ Habiba Chasing Rainbows.

VB (2/2A)                                                                                                                      Donna Crow (Casacavallo)

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