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The Chinese Crested Club Of GB

            2022 Championship Show 

Judge:  Tony Allcock OBE (Sleepyhollow)



MPD (2)

1st Dixons - Debrita Dragons Den BPD & RCC

2nd Crows - Mano Ponis Guru at Casacavallo (Imp LTU)


PD (5/1A)

1st Moyes & Hunters – Bryelis Strictly Fab U’lous

2nd Parkers – Doonbeg Carbon Copy

3rd Fletcher & Merryweathers – Jean Dark Zummertime Magic At Ynchreenoo (Imp SWE) Res Bodens – Jean Dark Zimzallabim at Gemadar (Imp SWE)


JD (5/1A)

1st Moyes & Hunters – Bryelis Strictly Fab U’lous

2nd Parkers – Doonbeg Carbon Copy

3rd Routledge & McGowans – Ynchreenoo Faitr-Voddee Del Pufflepaws

Res Hinton’s – Parcauwen Perfect Addition by Cheeswood


GD (3/1A)

1st Van Zyls – Shumllea Hot Spot Of Brighthound

2nd Bodens – Ensidias You Me You Wish At Gemadar (Imp SWE)


PGD (5)

1st Parkers – Ynchreenoo Black Magic At Khatira

2nd Mackays – New In Town of Angel’s Legacy At Tarabish

3rd Olivers – Ynchreenoo Masterpiece

Res Bodens – Clezel’s Habibi Soft’n sweet Gemadar (Imp SWE)

VHC Peppetts – Keep Trying Heybett


LD (7/2A)

1st Moyes & Hunters – Joyways I’m A Star At Bryelis (Imp FIN)

2nd Hellmuths’ Shumllea Slainte

3rd Masters & Shakeshafts – Doucai’s Show Boy

Res Frames – Elfallons Little Dragon

VHC Farquharsons – Shanshal Prince Of Arabia JW


OD (5)

1st Crows - Ch Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavallo JW (Imp SWE) DCC, RBIS & BOS

2nd Crows - Ch Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW ShCM (Imp SWE)

3rd Pipers – Be My Dogs Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (Imp Deu)

Res Ousbeys- Birchvolgyi Indigo Malverne ShCm (Imp)

VHC Olivers – Ynchreenoo Masterpiece


VD (3)

1st Crows - Ch Just Kidding Of Angel’s Legacy At Casacavallo JW ShCM (Imp NLD) BVIS

2nd Olivers – Ynchreenoo Boayl Fahrane At Sarelidan 3rd Masters – Esquimaux Skin Deep



MPB (1)

1st Gwynnes – Debrita Dorthee


PB (2/1A)

1st Dixons – Debrita Dragon Queen BPB, RCC & BPIS


JB (6)

1st Fletcher & Merryweather – Ynchreenoo Lus-Ny Shellee

2nd Halls – Chesnutacres Sunbeam

3rd Jacobs – Chesnutacres Cut N Blow Dry To Go

Res Panayiotis’ – Ynchreenoo Kesmadyn Shee

VHC O’Sullivans – Cladary Triumph History Star


GB (3/2A)

1st McFarlanes – Shranae Carless Whisper


PGB (6/1A)

1st O’Sullivans – Energy Di Hip Hop Queen

2nd Pauls – Konishiki Princess Kateri

3rd Hellmuths’ – Shumleea Hot Spot

Res Bowers – Bryelis Im On My Way At Riveralca

VHC Mcguigans & Blackwells – Bryelis Maid In Scotland For Annamac


LB (4/1A)

1st Fletcher & Merryweathers – Jean Dark Sunshine In the Rain Over Ynchreenoo (Imp SWE)

2nd Routledge & McGowans – Incanto Del Mondo Double Ice Cream Del Pufflepaws (Imp Rus)

3rd Routledge & McGowans – Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws JW


OB (5/1A)

1st Dunlops – Ch Habiba Hold My Purse BCC & BIS

2nd Routledge & McGowans – Pufflepaws Prosecco Please

3rd Frame’s – Ch Myvallo Inclined to Dance At Elfallons

Res Routledge & McGowans – Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws (Imp ESP)


VB (2)

1st McGuigan & Blackwell’s – Ch Annamac Fairytail Oldest Veteran In Show

2nd McFarlanes – Zerachiel Exotic Dancer ShCM


Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain 2022 Championship Show
Thursday 5ᵗʰ May 2022 - Birmingham National

Thank you to the Club and exhibitors for electing me to judge and for this lovely entry. A couple of points to note. Firstly, I thought skin condition was, on the whole, of a very high standard. On flip side, I found there was a leaning towards heavy heads and back skulls so typically, muzzles were not lean enough or of sufficient length. Dentition has seriously improved since I last judged and so has temperaments. There are some lovely youngsters around and this bodes well for the future. There was a great atmosphere and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Minor Puppy Dog 2
1.   Dixon’s Dragons Den. Impressive 7 month old.  Beautifully balanced throughout. Good for neck, shoulders and topline. Super skin and body proportions.   Head of correct length and finish, large, flared ears and sparkling, dark almond shaped eyes. He has good reach of neck into neat front 
assembly and is well bodied for his age with sufficient depth of chest and nice tight elbows. Lovely mover. Star quality RCC, Best PD and Reserve BPIS.
2.   Crow’s Mano Ponis Guru at Casacavallo. Another promising baby. 6 months.  Lovely for size, shape and angulations. Understandably, not yet the full confidence to do himself justice. Accurate steady mover and is very promising. Has time.

Puppy Dog 5,1
1.   Moyes, Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Strictly Fab U’lous. 10 months.  P/P Particularly admired his head proportions, containing correct eyes giving typical expression. Excellent dentition. Well placed neck above clean shoulders. Body well ribbed. Moved accurately holding a level topline.
2.   Parker’s Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira. 9 ½ months. Correct size and bone. Balanced head and finish, well-shaped almond eyes. Excellent hindquarters;  a touch proud with his forehand.  Gaining confidence as the class progressed.

Junior Dog 5,1
1.   Moyes, Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Strictly Fab U’lous.
2.   Parker’s Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira.
3.   Routledge & McGowan’s Ynchreenoo Faiyr-Voddee Del Pufflepaws


Graduate Dog 3,1
1.   Van Zyl’s Shumllea Hot Spot of Brighthound. Spotted 2 year old. Great skin. Appealing head with an alert expression. Muzzle tapered slightly, dark almond shaped eyes and correct dentition. Well angulated and moved very impressively around the ring demonstrating good reach and drive.
2.   Boden’s Ensidias You Me You Wish at Gemadar (Imp Swe). 20 months. Alike the classwinner, I  admired his healthy skin. Unfortunately, he really was unsettled.  Good for 
eye, muzzle and skull proportions. Nicely constructed body.  Difficult to assess on the move.


Post Graduate Dog 5
1.   Parker’s Ynchreenoo Black Magic at Khatira. Attractive, black and white 2 year old powderpuff dog. Loved his overall proportions.  Happy and cheeky with it! Super head, neckline and body. Correctly angulated, his movement was positive, stylish and precise.
2.   Mackay’s New In Town of Angel’s Legacy at Tarabish. 4 years old mature looking lad. Pleasing head with well-shaped eyes and ears. Correct bite. Well-developed body. Steady mover he held a secure level backline  and  produced strong rear drive from well-constructed hindquarters.
3.   Oliver’s Ynchreenoo Masterpiece at Sarelidan


Limit Dog 7,1
1.   Moyes, Moyes and Hunter’s Joyway’s Im a Star at Bryellis (Imp Fin). His skin condition was excellent.  Balanced throughout.  Well placed neck and shoulders, broad chest, secure level topline. Masculine head, excellent dentition; Well placed dark attractive eyes.  Stylish, accurate mover.
2.   Hellmuth’s Shumllea Slainte. 2 year old; Correct body proportions. OK for lay of shoulders. Clean front with good feet; strong rear angulations. Head containing bright attractive eyes, lean muzzle with chiselling but a touch short in length. Sound true movement.
3.   Masters’s Doucai’s Show Boy


Open Dog 5
1.   Crow’s Ch Estillinis Silver Surfer at Casacavallo JW (Imp Swe). 5 year old Mahogany – a real stud! I really admired his body proportions. Strong level topline. Balanced head, clean cheeks, correct dentition. Attractive expressive eyes. Well angulated forequarters and lay of shoulders. His movement was accurate, swift and purposeful and it was a joy to witness it. DCC & RBIS.
2.   Crow’s Ch Estillinis The Huntman at Casacavallo JW Sh CM. 5 year old  beautifully presented he looks so well balanced when standing being of a lovely size. Super for body, chest, neck and shoulders. Another great mover and again, I just stood back and admired.
3.   Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero (Imp Deu)


Veteran Dog 3
1.   Crow’s Ch Just Kidding of Angel’s Legacy at Casacavallo JW ShCM (Imp NLD). Recently judged him in the Veteran Group at UK Toy Ch Show, when I awarded him a place. He is very correct in every particular, especially his angulations and balance. Well bodied. Optimum quality of skin. In great 
overall condition. Moved with the grace and style.  Best Veteran In Show.

2.   Oliver’s Ynchreenoo Boayl Fahrane at Sarelidan. 7 years. Correctly proportioned. Head contains lovely eyes; correct finish of muzzle. OK for chest. Sound mover. Another presented in fine fettle.
3.   Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero (Imp Deu)



Minor Puppy Bitch 1
1.   Gwynne’s Debrita Dorthee. Sweet baby. Head is proportioned with such a lovely finish. Endearing eyes; well set ears.  Beautifully balanced when standing. Secure level back. Well bodied for age.  Straight front legs, good feet. Nicely laid shoulders. Moved steadily perhaps to strengthen a touch behind. Very promising.


Puppy Bitch 2,1
1.   Dixon’s Debrita Dragon Queen. WOW !! 6 months old she is of a beautiful  size and shape. Smooth skin. Head proportions clean with correct finish. Attractive dark eyes, strong well-placed ears, well off for ribbing, Secure level back. Firm body being of correct length. Well-constructed front and rear angulations, aided strong, steady and accurate movement. A champion in the making. RCC & BPIS.

Junior Bitch 6
1.   Fletcher & Merryweather’s Ynchreenoo Lus-ny Shellee. 12 months old spotted and a lot to like. Admired her head features and well-placed attractive eyes. Super for neck, topline and body proportions. Stylish mover and I feel that maturity will hence her forehand. Presented in beautiful condition and Champion quality.
2.   Hall’s Chestnutcres Sun Beam. 13 months. Pleasing to examine.  Head is feminine, nicely balanced and has great dentition.  Lengthy neck; neat  front assembly, balanced body strongly angulated rear. Secure, purposeful movement.
3.   Jacob’s Chestnutcres Cut N Blow To Go


Graduate Bitch 3,2
1.   McFarlane’s Shranae Careless Whisper. 2 ½ old. Well-constructed and moved purposefully. OK for head and dentition. Well bodied. Would prefer a touch more chest. Strong rear movement.


Post Graduate Bitch 6
1.   O’Sullivan’s Energy Di Hip-Hop Queen (Imp SVK).23 months. Beautifully balanced so proves a very attractive outline. Proportionate head, correct dentition. Super eyes and ear set.   Shoulders are well laid, neat front producing impressive forehand reach.
2.   Paul’s Konishiki Princess Kateri. 3 years. Very healthy skin. Nicely proportioned body and angulations throughout. She moved very well. Not quite the head proportions or expression of 1 but a lot to like. Honest, steady mover.
3.   Hellmuth’s Shumllea Spot On


Limit Bitch 4,1

1.   Fletcher & Merryweathers Jean Dark Zummertime Magic at Ynchreenoo (Imp SWD). 2 ½ year old and a lovely type. She is clearly out of the top drawer and a serious contender in the challenge. Balanced bone and body. Skin was great to examine. Head is well balanced with nicely tapered muzzle and tight lips, but  I just felt that she was a touchoverdone in backskulll. Spirit level topline,  
rounded rump, tail set correctly. Free, stylish and accurate mover she cannot fail to gain admiration.
2.   Routlege & McGowan’s Incanto del Mondo Double Ice Cream del Pufflepaws (Imp RUS). Nothing overdone in this 2 ½ year old P/P - she is totally honest. Excellent coat with soft fine veil. Great for body condition and muscle. Maintains a level backline at all times. Moved positively with notable drive from strong let down hocks. Careful forehand movement.
3.   Routledge & Gowan’s Ynchreenroo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws JW Ir J Ch


Open Bitch 5,1
1.   Dunlop’s Ch Habiba Hold My Purse. Well known top class bitch who is a pleasure to examine. Spot on for overall size.   Super feminine head with dark correctly shaped eyes, lengthy neck; neat front, good depth of brisket. Strong, level topline; tail set on correctly. Well-muscled hindquarters giving ample drive. Full of spirit and fire she gives 100% CC, Best Bitch & Best In Show.
2.   Routledge & McGowan’s Pufflepaws Prosecco Please. 2 ½ years. Attractive well- balanced head, eyes giving such a feminine expression. Strong arched neck into well laid-back shoulders and balanced front assembly. Deep brisket, nice tight elbows and well-balanced ribbing. Well-muscled rounded rump into moderately angulated rear and short, strong hocks produced accurate movement in all directions.
3.   Frame’s Ch Myvallo Inclined To Dance at Elfllons


Veteran Bitch 2
1.   McGuigan, McGuigan & Blackwell’s Ch Annamac Fairy Tail. This wonderful 13 year old is an absolute credit to her owner. I am not surprised to see she is titled. Feminine and full of charm.  Correct head with amazing dentition for her age, tapered muzzle.  Super arched neck of lovely length. Secure  topline. In great body and moves with style. I loved her! Best Oldest Veteran In Show.
2.    McFarlane’s Zeracheil Exotic Dancer ShCM. 11 years old and still enjoying it all! Feminine head with dark correct shaped eyes. Produces a balanced  profile. OK front movement. Presented in good condition.


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