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The Chinese Crested Club Of GB

               Championship Show 2021

Judge Margaret Kempster









Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Parcauwen Perfect Edition (Taf)  BPIS
  2. Schezando Quill (Taf)


Puppy Dog

  1. Zerachiel Soul Survivor


Junior Dog

  1. Ensidias You Me You Wish At Gemadar (Imp Swe)
  2. Joyway’s I’m A Star At Bryelis (Imp Fin)


Novice Dog

  1. Clezel’s Habibi Soft’n Sweet Gemadar Aw
  2. Zerachiel Soul Survivor


Graduate Dog

  1. Bryelis Masterpiece  RDCC 


Post Grad Dog

  1. Be My Dog’s Vote For Mr Red Via Epiphany
  2. Doucai’s Show Boy
  3. Keep Trying Heybett
  4. Konishiki Willows Lad


Limit Dog

  1. Bryelis Baldrik
  2. Debrita Riding Shotgun Avec Chezic
  3. Be My Dog’s Vote For Mr Red Via Epiphany
  4. Scherzando Betelgeuse
  5. Zerachiel Mr Majestic


Open Dog

  1. Let Me Be The One Of Angel’s Legacy At Casacavallo JW ShCM   DCC
  2. Ch Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW ShCM
  3. Zerachiel Mr Majestic


Veteran Dog

  1. Ch Moonswift Desert Storm  BVIS
  2. Leibwache Rufus Ruffcut
  3. Zerachiel Ready To Rumble ShCM
  4. Esquimaux Skin Deep


Photo courtest of Alan Seymour, Our Dogs.


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Scherzando Quaver (Taf)


Puppy Bitch

  1. Scherzando Quaver (Taf)
  2. Vanhasta Annie Which Way
  3. Zerachiel Game Changer


Junior Bitch

  1. Bryelis I’m On My Way
  2. Bryelis Picture Perfect (Taf)
  3. Zerachiel The Prophecy


Novice Bitch

  1. Vanhasta Aanya Moonstone
  2. Konishiki Princess Kateri
  3. Scherzando Kazandibi
  4. Zerachiel The Prophecy


Graduate Bitch

  1. Bryelis Dream Maker
  2. Konishiki Querkus Petraea
  3. Zerachiel Made To Measure


Post Grad Bitch

  1. Pinkwillow So What
  2. Konishiki Princess Kateri


Limit Bitch

  1. Delissa Crystal Ice Avec Chezic (Imp Cze)  BCC
  2. Bryelis Strike A Pose
  3. Transylvania Sasima At Konishiki (Imp Pol)


Open Bitch

  1. Bryelis Private Dancer JW ShCM   RBCC
  2. Ynchreenoo Dream A Dream Avec Debrita
  3. Be My Dog’s Hastalavista (Imp Deu)
  4. Scherzando Pride of Roxy
  5. Konishiki Princess Kateri


Veteran Bitch

  1. Be My Dog’s Hastalavista (Imp Deu)
  2. Doucai’s Above And Beyond.



Judges Critiques


Firstly thank you to all the exhibitors, my stewards, and for the honour of judging the Club Show.

I was disappointed in the quality and temperament of some of the exhibits, the round eyes that seem to be creeping into the breed, the poor front construction and incorrect heads broad in back skull and short in muzzle.  Several Powder Puffs had incorrect coats, lacking the proper veil, and some were shown with shaved ears (not incorrect for the breed but it is one of my pet hates I love the fringes on both puff and hairless ears). I was very happy with my top winners all good examples of the breed in my opinion and all presented to perfection.


MPD  (3, 1ab)  1. Hinton’s Parcauwen Perfect Edition.  Very attractive cream and white powder puff, presented to perfection.  Loved his size and shape, good head with lovely dark almond eyes, correct dentition and bite.  Nice ear set and carriage, good neck flowing into shoulders nicely, super level topline standing and moving, and correct tail carriage.  Correct front and rear angulations.  Liked him a lot.  BPIS.  2. Coulter’s Scherzando Quill (Taf)  Just six month black and white hairless at his first show, nicely put together baby, very raw but will improve as time goes on.  Slightly longer in muzzle with dark eye and correctly placed ears.  Level topline just needs time to mature on the move. 

PD  (3, 2 ab)1. Hampson’s Zerachiel Soul Survivor.  Cream sable drop eared powder puff, top size and stronger in head and body than I prefer. Slightly longer in body than my ideal. 

JD  (2) 1. Boden’s Ensidias You Me You Wish At Gemadar.   Mahogany hairless, again top size, nice head with dark eye, good ear set and carriage, good topline with well built body all through. Liked his attitude on the move.  2.  Moyes & Hunter’s Joyway’s I’m A Star At Bryelis.  Another mahogany hairless with shaded cream furnishings.  Nice head, with dark eye and good chiselling, would have preferred ears to be set and carried slightly higher.  Liked his shape very much and he just needs time to mature now. 

ND  (2) 1.  Boden’s Clezel’s Habibi Soft’n Sweet Gemadar (Imp Swe).  White powder puff with correct coat, liked his head and expression, good dark almond shaped eye, with nice bite and dentition.  Nicely balanced boy who also needs time to mature but liked him and will be interested to see how he develops to maturity.  2.  Zerachiel Soul Survivor. 

GD  (1)1. Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis’s Masterpiece.  Black and white hairless with correctly balanced head, dark eye and good expression.  Liked his ear set and carriage, correct front and rear construction, moved well and although stood alone was happy to award him this class and RDCC. 

PGD  (4) 1. Kenney’s Be My Dog’s Vote For Mr Red Via Epiphany.  Mahogany hairless, with a nicely refined head and eye. Correct size and shape, nice body with good tuck up but not overdone, well put together all through, reluctant to allow his handler to show me his mouth, but nevertheless won this class with ease.  2.   Master’s Doucai’s Show Boy.  Black and white hairless bigger all round and lacking the elegance of the class winner.  Liked his overall shape and good level topline, would have preferred less of him. 

LD  (6,1ab) 1 Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Baldrick.  Black and white hairless I liked a lot, nice head with good chiselling, good bite and dentition, nicely set and carried ears.  Neck of correct length and good level topline.  Nicely built all through won this class on his movement.  2. Gwynne’s Debrita Riding Shotgun Avec Chezic.  Silver and white drop eared puff, slightly longer in muzzle for me, but nice dark eye and correct chiselling.  Profuse coat, presented well, with good body underneath with correct tuck up, nice neck and tail carriage, moved well. 

OD (4. 1ab) 1. Crow’s Let Me Be The One Of Angel’s Legacy At Casacavallo JW (Imp Ned).  Mahogany hairless with lovely furnishings, in excellent condition with good body and muscle tone.  Loved his size and shape, if I am picky would have preferred slightly more muzzle, but nevertheless balanced head, with dark almond shaped eye, with good chiselling.  Correct dentition and bite, beautiful clean teeth.  Nicely set and carried ears, good neck and level topline, nice body not overdone in any way, moved at one with his handler, delighted to award him his crowning CC and BIS.  2. Crow’s Ch Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW ShCM.  Another beautifully presented exhibit from this exhibitor, in super condition and firm body.  Very similar in many ways to the class winner, with a good head and body, moved well but preferred the size of winner. 

VD  (4) 1. Rich & The Late Bowdler-Townsend’s Ch Moonswift Desert Storm.  Eleven year old mahogany in superb condition for his age, fine elegant head, with dark eye, good front and rear, he had not been shown for over 6 years but moved soundly with his wheelchair bound handler. More than happy to award him BVIS.  2. Crow’s Leibwache Rufus Ruffcut.  Slightly longer cast mahogany hairless, in good condition for his almost 12 years, unlucky to have met class winner.




MPB  (4, 3ab)1. Gudgin’s Sherzando Quaver (Taf).  Another just six month old black and white hairless baby, but not at all overawed with her debut.  Very pretty head, with nice dark eye, good bite and dentition, good ear set and carriage, good front and rear angulations, correct shape with good tuck up, nicely put together liked her a lot.  

PB  (5, 2ab) 1. Gudgin’s Sherzando Quaver.  2.  Saldanha’s Vanhasta Annie Which Way.  Cream and white puff, with lovely head and expression, would have liked ear fringes but nicely set and carried ears.  Slightly nervous in the noisy hall but moved well.   

JB  (3) 1. Bower’s Bryelis I’m On My Way.  Black and white hairless, very pretty head with dark eye, nice neck and topline, good front, slightly longer than my ideal but moved well.  2.  Shaw’s (handling for Moyes & Hunter)  Bryelis Picture Perfect (Taf).  Silver and white erect eared powder puff in good correct veil coat.  Nice size and shape, not quite as pretty as the winner, but could easily change places under another judge.  Believe they are litter sisters, as very similar in type. 

NB (4) 1. Saldanha’s Vanhasta Aanya Moonstone – my find of the day – what a little stunner just my type. Only 9 mths and entered in the wrong class plus unfortunately she chose to not like the noise of the hall and only actually moved a few steps, but enough to see how well she could move.  A real pleasure to go over, with a super feminine head, dark eye, and good mouth and dentition.  Nicely placed shoulders, and super body, liked her a lot and one I would happily have taken home.    2. Paul’s Konishiki Princess Kateri.  Mahogany hairless shorter and squarer than my ideal, head of correct proportions, not as feminine as the winner. 

GB (4, 1ab)  1. Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Dream Maker.  Black and white hairless, also a little nervous in the noisy hall.  Nice shape and size, with good tuck up and feet, a little wider in front than I prefer, and moved well.  2.  Lane’s Konishiki Querkus Petraea.  Spotted hairless, bigger than my preference, with a slightly shorter muzzle lacking the femininity I was looking for. Slightly too well bodied for me. 

PGB (3, 1ab).  1.  Gwynne’s Pinkwillow So What (being handled for Bowes).  Very pretty feminine correctly coated erect eared cream and white puff.  Lovely head, with dark almond shaped eye, good shoulder, nice front, with good topline held at all times.  Moved with style. Liked her a lot.  2.  Paul’s Konishiki Princess Kateri. 

LB (6, 3 abs). 1. Gwynne’s Delissa Crystal Ice Avec Chezic (imp Cze).  Very pretty feminine black and white powder puff with correct veil coat in good condition and presented beautifully.  Liked her head with perfectly equal markings around the beautiful dark expressive eyes.  Nicely chiselled cheeks, with good dentition and bite.  Liked her neck and shoulder, and good front.  Level topline which she held on the move, correctly set and carried tail.  Movement was outstanding and very impressive,  happy to award her BCC and RBIS and BOS.  2.  Moyes &  Punton’s Bryelis Strike A Pose.  Unlucky to have met one, this black and white hairless was very pretty with correct eye and feminine head, with lovely ears.  Good topline, with nice quarters, moved well. 

OB (9, 4ab).  1.  Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Private Dancer JW ShCM.  Correctly veil coated gold and white powder puff – this girl moved out and caught my eye in this class.  Nice shaped head with dark almond shaped eyes, good chiselling, nice bite and dentition.  Long neck on good shoulders, good front used to her advantage on the move.  Unlucky to have met the limit bitch in the challenge, delighted to award her RBCC.  2.  Dixon, Merryweather & Fletcher’s Ynchreenoo Dream A Dream Avec Debrita.  Black and white hairless, correct for size, and very well shown by her owner, unfortunately due to a change of handler could only place her second in this class. 

VB  (3,1ab)  1. Saldanha’s Be My Dog’s Hastalavista (Imp Deu).  Placed this lovely girl third in open, super quality and stylish cream powder puff with correct coat.  Lovely feminine head, dark almond shaped eye, good neck and shoulder, good angulation front and rear, level topline held at all times, moved out with style to win this class easily.  2.  Hoyland’s Doucai’s Above And Beyond.  Black and white hairless who at 10 years old carrying a bit too much weight and unfortunately could not compete with the winner today. 

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