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               2021 Championship Show

Judge: Diana Rich







Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Zerachiel Soul Survivor BPD
  2. Doonbeg Careless Whisper With Wyllyotts

Puppy Dog

  1. Bryelis’s Masterpiece
  2. Zerachiel Soul Survivor

Junior Dog

  1. Joyway’s I’m A Star At Bryelis (Imp Fin) RCC RBIS

Novice Dog

  1. Zerachiel Soul Survivor

Graduate Dog

  1. Zerachiel Soul Survivor
  2. Doucai's Show Boy

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Keep Trying Heybett
  2. Doucai’s Show Boy

Limit Dog

  1. Scherzando Betelgeuse
  2. Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (Imp Deu)
  3. Bryelis Baldrik
  4. Parcauwen Secret Liaison
  5. Elfallons Little Dragon

Open Dog

  1. Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavallo JW (Imp Swed) DCC
  2. Ch (Sa) Aurispa Ready Teddy Go To Sibra

Veteran Dog

  1. Nisyros Meet Joe Black Via Bryelis
  2. Myglee’s What Women Want


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Parcauwen Wicked Game
  2. Doonbeg Live In Sin

Puppy Bitch

  1. Doonbeg Charm Offensive BPB BPIS
  2. Bryelis I’m On My Way
  3. Bryelis Picture Perfect


Junior Bitch

  1. Incantodelmondo Double Ice Cream Del Pufflepaws (Imp Rus)
  2. Bryelis I’m On My Way
  3. Zerachiel Made To Measure

Novice Bitch

  1. Halcyon Ivana Humpalot
  2. Zerachiel Made To Measure

Graduate Bitch

  1. Kiwango Free Thinker
  2. Bryelis Dream Maker
  3. Zerachiel Made To Measure

Post Graduuate Bitch

  1. Pufflepaws Prosecco Please
  2. Bryelis Maid In Scotland For Annamac

Limit Bitch

  1. Bryelis Strike A Pose RBCC
  2. Parcauwen Lunar Eclipse With Oolagha
  3. Pinkwillow So What
  4. Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws JW Ir J Ch
  5. Lady Bromwyn

Open Bitch

  1. Am Ch Halcyon Lady Luck BCC BOS
  2. Pariansoez Ta Ta For Now
  3. Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Elfallons
  4. Tasmin De Sothis Para Pufflepaws (Sp Im) JW Ir J Ch
  5. Ir Ch Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteaser JW

Veteran Bitch

  1. Habiba Chasing Rainbows BVIS
  2. Zerachiel Keeping It Real JW Sh Cm.

DCC and BIS Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavallo

BCC & BOS Maigne's Am Ch Halcyon Lady Luck (handled by Margaret Kempster)

Critique from the Judge - Diana Rich



I really enjoyed my day and wish to thank the exhibitors for their entries and for the lovely atmosphere I experienced. The quality of the dogs varied but there were some of really good quality there.  There were only two things I would say, firstly greater effort should be made on keeping the teeth clean  and secondly I am pleased to say that soundness has improved considerably since I judged last.


MPD (2:0)

  1. Hampson's Zerachiel Soul Survivor. Smart young drop eared puff with dark eyes  and pigment.  Well constructed with level topline, legs wider at rear, well set tail carried happily.  Moved straight and true. Extrovert personality. BPD.
  2. Stockley’s Doonbeg Careless Whisper With Wyllyotts. Dark eyes and good strong ears, level back, happy on the move.  

PD (2:0)

  1.  Hampson's Zerachiel Soul Survivor. As above.
  2. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Masterpiece. Dark blue mahogany Boy of 11 months. Well made with correct construction showing wider at rear, something lacking in several.  A little nervous but well handled.

JD (2:1)

  1. Moyes & Hunter's Joyway's I'm A Star At Bryelis. Mahogany  h/l with cream furnishings. Well balanced and soundly constructed,  good head qualities, firm ears,  level back and well set tail. Sound and showy mover. RDCC & RBIS.

ND (2:1)

  1.  Hampson's Zerachiel Soul Survivor. As above

GD (2:2)

  1. Hampson's Zerachiel Soul Survivor. As above
  2. Master’a Doucai Show Boy. Well muscled blue h/l with white furnishings.  Good balance between skull and fore face.  Strong ears. Shows potential.

PGD (3:1)

  1.  Pepper’s Keep Trying Heybett. Soundly constructed powderpuff, used ears well. Good topline and tail set. Moved straight and true. Well presented.
  2.  Master's Doucai Show Boy. As above.

LD (8:0)

  1. Coulter's Sherzando Betelgeuse. I liked this boy very much. He is almost deer type and not overly furnished. Black h/l. Soft skin, good reach and drive, moved at one with his handler. I shall follow his progress with interest.
  2. Piper's Be My Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (imp Deu). Mahogany h/l with white/cream furnishings.  Sound and well balanced boy who moved with drive.
  3. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Baldrick.

OD (3:1)

  1. Crow's Estillinis Silver Surfer At Casacavello JW (imp Swed). Although not my type he is so sound and showy with excellent movement and extrovert personality he demanded 1st. Good ear carriage and well used. Moved with style and drive keeping a level topline at all times. Could not be denied DCC & BIS.
  2.  Wilson's SA Ch Aurispa Ready Teddy Go To Sibra. Attractive dark grey puff, with erect ears. Well presented boy with silky textured coat. Moved straight and  true with level back and well set tail.

VD (2:0)

  1.  Moyes & Hunter's Nisyros Meet Joe Black Via Bryelis. Just loved this 13 year old, he quite stole my heart. Black h/l with black and white furnishings.  Full of fun, well balanced in both head and body.  Carried himself like a youngster. Oldest Vet. In Show.
  2. Ousbey's Myglee's What Women Want. 7 year old  Mahogany h/l with white and cream furnishings. Enjoyed himself and shown to advantage. Unlucky that winner was on such good form.

MPB (2:0)

  1. Rees’  Parcauwen Wicked Lady. Erect eared puff with super feminine head, dark eyes and lovely long neck.  Straight back and elegant mover.
  2. Attwood's Doonbeg Live In Sin. Another erect eared puff with good firm ears and dark eyes. Well balanced and sound.

PB (4:1)

  1.  Attwood's Doonbeg Charm Offensive. Very much my type of head, level back and good use of tail. Moved with good reach and plenty of rear drive, she moved effortlessly. Well presented and well handled  BPIS
  2. Bower's Bryelis I'm On My Way. Black h/l with black and white furnishings with strong ears which were absolutely erect at all times. Good front and rear and in between.  
  1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Picture Perfect.  

JB (3:0)

  1. Routledge-McGowen’s Incantodelmondo Double Ice Cream Del Pufflepaws (imp Rus). Free moving white puff, good coat texture and excellent presentation.  She was somewhat nervous but this was her first show. She shows promise.
  2. Bower's Bryelis I'm On My Way. As before.
  3. Hampson's Zerachiel made To Measure

NB (2:0)

  1. Maigne's Halcyon Ivana Humpalot. What a mover she is, has a need for speed and looks lovely. Feminine and not overly furnished. Smaller type but everything in its place and in proportion.  Another with potential.
  2. Hampson's Zerachiel Made To Measure. Lovely mover on a loose lead. Firm straight topline standing and on the move. Good angulation.

GB (3:0)

  1. Leto's Kiwango Free Thinker. Mahogany h/l with white furnishings, she’s not overly furnished. Nothing exaggerated, a nice honest bitch.
  2. Moyes & Hunter's Dream Maker. Another black h/l with firm ears good reach of neck and good rear angulation.  Nice overall picture.
  3. Hampson's Zerachiel  Made To Measure.

PGB (3:1)

  1. Routledge-McGowen's Pufflepaws Prosecco Please. Black h/l, feminine head well balanced and soundly constructed. Super mover, I liked her a lot, bags of personality.
  2. Mcguigan & Blackwell ‘s Bryelis Maid In Scotland For Annamac. Dark grey puff with long neck and level back. A little reticent  but she will improve with time.

LB (5:0)

  1. Moyes & Punton's Bryelis Strike A Pose. Super blue h/l bitch with just the right amount of furnishings.  Lovely ears, good neck, moved with drive carrying tail to advantage. Daughter  of  the winner of VD. Pleased to award her the RBCC.
  2. Rees & Kempster‘s Parcauwen Lunar Ecllipse With Oolagha. Lovely white puff bitch with correct veil coat of silky texture. Dark eyes, sufficient neck and level back. Sound construction gave stylish movement.
  3. Gwynne's Pinkwillow So What.

OB (5:0)

  1. Maigne ‘s Am Ch Halcyon Lady Luck. Silver/grey puff with true veil coat of correct texture, strong erect ears and dark eyes. Good reach of neck well made shoulders and good rear angulation. Level topline she moved straight and true. Excellent presentation as always from this handler. BCC & BOS.
  2. Botterill's Parian Ta Ta For Now. I loved this mahogany h/l bitch, she is exactly my type but her lack of presentation with badly prepared body and unshaven face put her at a disadvantage.
  3. Frame ‘a Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Effallons.

VB (3:1)

  1. Wilson's Habiba Chasing Rainbows. A super smart mahogany  h/l bitch with white furnishings. Good balance between skull and fore face. Dark eyes, strong ears and lovely skin. Moved soundly for and aft, a pleasure to go over. Could see her winning open classes. BVIS
  2. Hampson's  Zerachiel Keeping It Real JW ShCM. Smaller mahogany h/l with white furnishings.  Old fashioned true harirless type. Lovely skin. Very happy and full of personality.
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