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             Championship Show 2019

Judge:  David Lodge (Valdajenlo)




























Minor Puppy Dog

1. Hampson's Zerachiel Mr Majestic


Puppy Dog

1. Boden's Inui Take Me Away (Imp Pol)

2. Hampson's Zerachiel Mep Kuan Te Sheng

3. Farquharson Shamnshal Prince Of Arabia


Junior Dog

1. Dixon's Debrita Dilligent  DCC RBIS

2. Piper's Be My Dog's Topsail Cody Of Zanjero (Imp)

3. Coulter's Scherzando Betelgeuse

4. Boden's Inui Take Me Away (Imp Pol)

5. Hampson's Zerachiel Mep Kuan Te Sheng


Post Grad Dog

1. Ree's Parcauwen Secret Liaison

2. Frame's Elfallons Little Dragon

3. Boden's Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars

4. Coulter's Scherzando Betelgeuse

5. Piper's Crestspitz Shadow Walker Of Zanjero


Mid Limit Dog

1. Knowles Pariansoez Innuendo At Jhanchi

2. Boden's Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars


Limit Dog

1. Kempster & Rees Jamming's Exclusive To Oolagha (Imp Fin) RCC

2. Payne & Dunlop's Habiba As You Were

3. Barker's Goldamulet Amber Tone

4. Oliver's Ynchreenoo Boayl Fahrane At Sarelidan JW

5. Quadling's Prefix Alfred Nobel With Malenkhai


Open Dog

1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis The Ring Master

2. Klerk's Ch Habiba Veni Vidi  Vici

3. Merryweather & Fletcher's Ch Myrtans Topnotch Imp

4. Barker's Cheeswood Shimmering Moon

5. Loader's Habiba Kung Fu Panda To Kettrice.


Veteran Dog

1. Moyes & Hunter's Nisyros Meet Joe Blak Via Bryelis

2. Dowsett's Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir Via Tteswood 

3. Oliver's Peter Pan At Sarelidan ShCM

4. Piper's Gracemere's I'm Lennon Of Zanjero



Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Hinton's Cheeswood Moonlight Dream BPIS

2. John & John's Cheeswood Naughty But Nice

3. Merryweather & Fletcher's Ynchreenoo Dream A Dream


Puppy Bitch

1. Routledge & McGowan's Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws

2. Hellmuth's Am Ch Kaylens Contemporary Cosmopolitan At Shumllea (Imp USA)


Junior Bitch

1. Payne & Dunlop's Ch Habiba True Blue RCC

2. Maigne's Am Ch Halcyon Lady Luck 

3. Routledge & McGowan's Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws

4. Hampson's Zerachiel The  English Rose


Post Grad Bitch

1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Voodoo Woman

2. McGuigan & Blackwell's Doucai's Too Cute To Scare At Annamac

3. Routledge's Tasmin De Sothis Para Pufflepaws

4. John & John's Valkrest Indianapolis

Roberts & Roberts Shanshal Made In Essex


Mid Limit Bitch

1. Frame's Elfallons Crazy Moon

2. Knowles Jhanchi Let Me Entertain You JW

3. Bartlett's Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine JW Sh CM

4. Moyes & Hunter's Mryelis Dancing Queen

5. Ree's Parcauwen Secret Sapphire


Limit Bitch

1. Frame's Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Elfallons ShCM

2. Routledge's Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteazer JW


Open Bitch

1. Payne & Dunlop's Habiba Put A Spell On You

2. Biss' Ridgecrest's Princess Awesome For Ancors (Imp Swe)

3. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Private Dancer JW

4. Dowsetts Ch Doonbeg Reach For The Sky Tteswood JW ShCM

5. John & John's Iakarandas Hera


Veteran Bitch

1. McGuigan & Blackwell's Annamac Fairytail BCC BIS BVIS

2. Knowles Ch Jhanchi Play The Game JW





My thanks to the Club for the invitation to judge the Championship Show and to the exhibitors for their entries.  Regrettably I cannot say it was a pleasure to judge the breed again as I was so disappointed to see how much it has changed.  Where are the true hairless with silky smooth skins,  the lovely fine chiselled heads and long necks?  We used to be able to say that the breed resembled a little pony. I did find one.  In general too many are too broad in the skull giving a wedge like appearance, are upright in shoulder, have short legs and, in hairless, ’seven o’clock shadow’.  Please take the time to look back at old photographs and videos of the breed from the time when the dogs were of such quality and in such numbers that judging was a pleasure and they could be placed in almost any order without going far wrong.  Look and think what you are doing, and have already done, to our once beautiful breed. 

MPD (1) Hampson’s Zerachiel Mr Majestic.  Sable powderpuff with lovely head and good topline.  Has good  angulation and moved well. 

PD (3) Boden’s Inui Take Me Away (Imp Pol)   Mahogany having nice head and eye, level topline, nice angulation, good bend of stifle and movement ok. BPD.  2. Hampson’s Zerachiel Mep Kuan Te Sheng.  Lovely faced mahogany hairless with good skin, nice head and good dark eye.  Has a good topline but did not behave on the move.  3. Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince Of Arabia. 

JD 1. Dixon’s Debrita Dilligent.  A lovely compact boy with a good head, nice front, good angulation and moving with drive. CC & RBIS.  2. no 69 no information given. Spotted mahogany of a nice size, acceptable in head though lacking length of neck. Has a nice topline and good rear angulation. Movement ok.  3. Coulter’s Sherzando Betelgeuse.  

PGD (7, 1abs) 1. Rees  Parcauwen Secret Liaison. Cream powderpuff of a nice size and conformation with good head and eye, overall nicely angulated and good tail set.  Moved well.  2. Frame’s Elfallons Little Dragon.  Dark hairless, good ears, depth of chest and tuck up, angulation fair, moved well.  3 Boden’s Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars. 

MLD (3 1ab) 1. Knowles Pariansoez Innuendo At Jhanchi JW.  Has a dark skin with black and white furnishings and spotted  front. Jas dark eye and is nicely angulated with good bend of stifle.  Has a good topline and moved well when settled.  2. Boden’s Lunacrest Among The Shooting Stars.  Has a dark skin and white socks and is somewhat heavy in head but good ears and fair angulation though lacking reach and drive on the move.

LD (6, 1A) Kempster & Rees Jammings Exclusive To Oolagha (Imp Fin) A cream shaded powderpuff with lovely head, dark eye, good ears and nice neck into level topline.. Has nice shoulder set and good rear angulation.  Moved with drive. RCC.  2.Payne &  Dunlop’s Habiba As You Were.  Lovely layback of shoulder and nice depth of chest.  Has level topline and good rear angulation.  Moved OK but just would not settle. 3. Barker’s Goldamulet Amber Tone. 

OD (7) 1. Moyes & Hunters Bryelis The Ringmaster.  Fair in head with nice eye, a level topline and ok on the move.  2. Klerks Ch Dut CH Habiba Ve3ni Vidi Vici.  Mahogany/white trim, somewhat broad in skull, nice shoulders and has fair angulation though a little long in back. Movement satisfactory.  3.  Merryweather & Fletcher’s Ch Myrtans Topnotch.  VD (6, 2a) 1. Moyes & Hunters Nisyros Meet Joe Black Via Bryelis.  Dark with black and white trim. Has a nice front though somewhat heaby in head.  Has a fair topline, nice angulation and moved well.  2. Dowsett’s Ch Dooned Bete Noir Via Tteswood JW ShCM  Black and white powderpuff, broad in skull, but with nice eye, level topline and fair angulation. Moved well.  3 Oliver’s Peter Pan At Sarelidan ShCM.  

MPB (3) Hinton’s Cheeswood Moonlight Dream.  Silver & white  powderpuff.  Lovely fine chiselled head, nice dark eye, good neck and topline.  Nicely angulated all round. Good on the move. BPIS.  2. John’s Cheeswood Naughty But Nice.  Pink/brown spotted with black and white trim.. Nice head, good topline, nicely angulated, moved well.  3..Merryweather & Fletcher;s Ynchreenoo Dream A Dream. 

PB (3, 1a) 1. Routledge & McGuigan’s Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws.  Dark skin, mottled with white trim, heavy in head, but dark eye.  Angulation fair, nice topline, movement ok.  2.   Hellmuth’s Am Ch Kaylens       Contemporary Cosmopolitan At Shumllea (Imp USA) Spotted mahogany with white trim, nice head, angulation fair, level toplline, moved ok. 

JB.  (4) 1. Payne &  Dunlop’s Ch Habiba True Blue.  Dark skin, cream furnishings, nice head with dark eye, good sweep of neck into level top-lline,  Nicely angulated with good bend of stifle.  Moved well. RCC. 2 Maigne’s Am Ch Halcyon Lady Luck.  Silver and white powderpuff, broad in skull, dark eye, level topline.  Nicely angulated and good stifle. Movement ok.  3. Routledger & McGuigan’s Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes With Pufflepaws. 

PGB (8, 2ab) 1. Moyes & Hunters Bryelis Voodoo Woman.  All black with nice head and eye, good lay of shoulder and level topline.  Has fair hind angulation and moved well.  2 McGuigan & Blackwell’s Doucai Too Cute To Scare At Annamac.  Black/pink spotted with chiselling and dark eye, level topline and nice angulation.  Moved well.  3. Routledge Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws. 

MLB (7,1ab) 1 Frame’s Elfallons Crazy |Moon Sh CM. Mahogany and cream. Good head, dark eye, shoulders good, has good topline and nice bend of stifle. Moved well.  2. Knowles Jhanchi Let Me Entertain You.  Mahogany and cream.  Has nice dark eye, level topline and fair angulation.  Moved well.  3. Bartletts Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine JW. 

LB (5,3 ab) 1. Frame’s Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Elfallons ShCM.  Dark skin with cream furnishings.  Has good head and nice dark eye.  Well laid shoulders into good topline with deep chest  and good tuck up.  Is well angulated and moved well.  2.  Routledge’s Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteaser JW  Black with black and white trim.  Has good head, nice  angulation a level topline an good bend of stifle.  Movement ok.  

OB (6, 1ab) 1. Payne & Dunlop’s Habiba Put A Spell On You.  Dark with white socks.  Nicely angulated with fair topline.  Moved ok.  2.. Biss’s Ridgecrest’s Princess Awesome For Ancors (Imp Swe)  Red mahogany with brown and cream trim.  Fair in head and nice neck and topline.  Angulation fair both front and rear and moved well.  3.  Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Private Dancer. JW. 

VB (3,1ab) 1. McGuigan &   Blackwell’s Annamac Faiurytail.  This classy lady did not disappoint from the  moment she walked into the ring, either in her class or in the Challenge.  Very elegant with dark skin contrasting her magnificent white feathering and has a lovely outline.  She is good in head, feminine with a dark eye, a lovely length of neck sweeping into well laid-back shoulders, a good bend of stifle completes the picture. A pleasure to watch both standing and moving.  An overall excellent bitch and I was very pleased to award her the Challenge Certificate and Best In Show.2. Knowles Ch Jhanchi Play The Game.JW.  Good head and eye, nice neck, good shoulders, depth of chest and tuck up.  Well angulated with level  topline.  Moved well.

DAVID LODGE  (Valdajenlo)

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