The Chinese Crested Club Of GB
The Chinese Crested Club Of GB

                        2019 Judges 

BOSTON Sun 6th Jan Brian Rix
MANCHESTER  Fri 18th Jan David Guy
CRUFTS Sun 10th March Lee Cox
UK TOY & CCDC OPEN SHOW Sat 30th March Margaret Kempster/R Agronius
WELKS Fri 26th April Frank Kane
B'HAM NATIONAL & CCC of GB Fri 10th May Raewyn Dowsett/David Lodge
SKC Sun 19th May Jill Peak 
BATH Mon 27th May Stuart Payne
SOUTHERN COUNTIES Fri 31st May Kevan Berry
THREE COUNTIES Thur 6th June Tom Mather
BORDER UNION Sun 16th June Jenny Gorwill
BLACKPOOL Fri 21st June L Pinto Teixeira
WINDSOR Thur 27th June Leila Tarabad
EAST OF ENGLAND Sat 6th July Robert Dunlop
LEEDS & GB OPEN SHOW Sat 27th July

 Val Blore/Donna Crow

CCDC Sun 4th Aug D Petrie/A Ostrowski
PAIGNTON Tues 6th Aug Jeff Horswell
BOURNEMOUTH Mon 12th Aug Raye Parry
WELSH KENNEL Fri 16th Aug Dawn Dixon
SKC Sat 24th Aug Stephen Bardwell
CITY OF BIRMINGHAM Fri 30th Aug Bill Browne-Cole
RICHMOND Fri 6th Sept Tony Allcock
DARLINGTON Sun 15th Sept Val Jennings
DRIFFIELD Sun 22nd Sept Elsie Moyes
SOUTH WALES Sun 13th Oct Alexandra Forth
MIDLAND COUNTIES Thur 24th Oct Julie Guvercin
LKA Sun 15th Dec Tom Isherwood
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